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With more than 30 years of experience in the European market, we are a leader in the production of high-quality wooden B2B products.

Our company has a reputation for efficient and successful designs that have brought satisfaction to customers across the continent.

Our product range includes a wide range of wooden products, from elegant boxes to practical office supplies and kitchen accessories.

Thanks to our experience and advanced craftsmanship skills, each of our products is carefully crafted from the highest quality wood, guaranteeing sturdiness and durability.

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Revolutionary assistance and support

Our assistance revolutionises clients' lives, opening doors to success and satisfaction.

We offer a personalised approach to each order, tailoring our products to individual needs and requirements.

Individual approach to the customer

Our wooden products are made from the highest quality materials, which ensures their durability and aesthetic appearance.

High quality products

By choosing us, you support sustainable development and responsible management of natural resources.

Ecological and responsible practices

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Our additional services, such as box wrapping and lacquering, allow you to personalise your orders even further.

" Excellent, professional service. Products worked out with great accuracy. Timely delivery and very good prices. Would recommend to anyone who loves wooden accessories and accessories."

małgorzata maliszewska

Janina Blazewicz

" A company that amazes nowadays with its offer at a very affordable price. Every item I purchased was made with great precision and care. I received the shipment within 2 days. I give the company a very good rating."

Iwona Bryła

'Excellent wholesaler. Refined products. Huge selection. There is something for everyone. Prices for retailers are very good and the proposed forms of cooperation for wholesalers are at the right level."


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